Thursday, December 7, 2017


Well, I posted nothing in all of November.  I honestly can't think of anything exciting that really happened at this point besides Thanksgiving.  Guess it wasn't a very exciting month, which isn't all bad.

This year for Thanksgiving we went to St George with just our little family.  It was definitely different from other Thanksgivings, but we had a great time.  When we decided to do this I thought, "Perfect! I won't need to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner for just our family."  Wrong.  Jake was at the grocery store with me and next thing I know he's sticking a turkey in the cart.  Then the kids started talking about the different foods they were excited to eat on Thanksgiving.  So I made Thanksgiving dinner.  I even hauled it all the way to St George because we got there too late to make it to the grocery store.  It was nothing fancy, but still took tons of time.  Jake and the kids got to clean up.  They didn't love that, so maybe next time I'll be able to convince them to get pizza!

The weather was amazing, so we spent a lot of time outside.  We went to Snow Canyon and explored the lava caves.  Those are pretty cool.  We went swimming at the rec center where Jake gave Kate and Zack lessons.  We ran our own turkey trot since we weren't able to do the one in Midway.  The kids did great!  They all wanted to go see the movie Wonder so I told them they each had to finish the turkey trot in 35 minutes or less.  A time that they've all done before, so it was very doable.  Just some extra motivation.  They all made it to the movie.  Sage kept saying 'wonder' over and over for extra motivation when she was running.  The movie was excellent by the way.

We fit in a couple of mountain bike rides.  Only did a small amount of shopping.  And went on a hike in the Kolob area of Zions.  We'd never been there before and it was beautiful.  The hike was 5 miles round trip and the kids did great! 

So it was a different Thanksgiving, but definitely a good Thanksgiving.  We might need to do that again!

Beautiful Kolob Canyon

Turkey trot!

For some reason Sage gets super excited to eat the drumstick every year.  Pretty funny since she normally doesn't eat much

Lava caves

Snow Canyon

How Sage travels

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

October Happenings

Time to wrap October up in one post.  It was a pretty great month really.  Getting into the swing of things with school.  Enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  And a fun trip thrown into the mix.  Oh yeah, don't forget Halloween. 

The great elk hunt happened in October.  Not sure if I mentioned before that Jake and Zack both drew out for the limited entry bull elk hunt.  This was exciting news.  But also stressful.  And kind of not great timing.  This is Zack's first hunt ever and Jake's first real hunt in a long time.  So I kind of wish they'd drawn for such a good tag a couple of years from now.  But oh well.  They spent lots of time scouting, putting trail cameras out, scouting, etc.  Lots of not fun stuff.  And then the actual hunt came.  And they did lots and lots of walking.  And more walking.  And didn't see any elk.  Not one.  So that's a bummer.  According to Jake elk are an endangered species.  We try not to mention elk these days.  Kind of a touchy subject;)  And I still don't understand why people like hunting.

October was also the month of Operation Save the Chickens.  Raccoons discovered our chickens.  Horrible raccoons.  Before we could blink we were down from 8 chickens to 3.  Sad!  So we got serious and began operation save the chickens.  We fixed holes under the fence, tightened the fence, and put a pallet in front of the coop door.  Now every night the chickens have to go in the coop.  Zack forgot to put them in one night and we lost another one.  Jake reminds him every day how guilty he should feel.  So now we have chickens that have to be let in and out of the coop every night.  Super convenient.  Darn raccoons!  I'm trying to get Zack to invent something that will somehow fix this problem.  He's on it.

We also had the annual witchy poo party.  Grandma and Grandpa always pull out all the stops and the kids love it.  Fun games, lots of treats and yummy food, and of course the witches brew.  Which even Sage said was too sweet to drink, so we're talking intense sweetness here.  In other words, perfect for Halloween.

And then there was actual Halloween.  Sage was Mal from Descendants (all the rage these days) and Kate was a pirate.  Zack was deemed too old to trick-or-treat so he handed out candy dressed as Zack.  I took the girls trick-or-treating with some friends and these friends don't mess around.  We went to way more houses than we ever have.  The girls were exhausted by the end.  And then Halloween is over and we have piles of candy and I think, "Why?"  Glad my kids like it, but if we had to get rid of a holiday I would choose Halloween.  Bah humbug!

Sage with her BFF

We went and saw Thriller with some friends

Operation Save the Chickens

Zack's awesome pumpkin

Witchy-poo party

Purple hair

Costume parade.  Sage was freezing but of course wouldn't cover up her costume with a jacket

Trick-or-treating friends

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fabulous 40!

I'm 40 years old.  This is old.  There's no pretending you're young when you hit 40.  I have less than half of my life left (I hope to live no older than 75).  You spend a lot of the first half of your life growing up, figuring things out.  Now I feel like I get to apply the things I've learned, and keep learning of course.  By the way, when my mom was 40 I was 18 and in college.  Craziness.  I definitely don't have an 18 year old.  I did figure out that by the time I turn 50 all of my kids will be graduated from high school.  Big happenings coming up!  I've got to be on my game this decade!;)

Anyway, I had the best birthday ever.  We celebrated a couple of days early with the kids because they were heading to St George with Grandma Tracy.  Sage made a big sign to hang up and bought me some chocolate truffles.  Kate made me a cute card and Zack gave me oragami hearts and flowers.  Loved it all!

For my birthday I was selfish and planned a trip to San Diego with Jake.  I figured turning 40 was a good excuse to plan a fun trip.  Jake was a good sport and went along with it.  We had a great time!  Turns out we still like each other after all these years.  It was good to get away with just the two of us.  Jake let me decide what we did every step of the way.  We went running along the bay, swam in the pool, at dinner at the best mexican restaurant ever, went on a boat ride in the harbor, toured the USS Midway (amazing), went to the zoo, went to a cool museum with a video game exhibit where we got to play Pac Man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong, ate at the place where they filmed all the bar scenes in Top Gun (Jake didn't understand my excitement over all the Top Gun pictures everywhere - it was awesome - except the food was gross), went to Old Town (super cool), went to the beach, and walked around the Gas Lamp District.  Longest sentence ever.  Anyway, it was all wonderful.  The perfect amount of go and do mixed with some relaxing.  Obviously we like to go and do a little more than relax;)

The poster Sage made me for my birthday

Happy Birthday!

Best mexican food ever

USS Midway

See the lady behind Jake?  They were so annoying and kept getting in our faces while they took 10 million pictures

San Diego

San Diego Zoo

Jake was loving life

The actual piano from Top Gun

I was in heaven

Old Town 

All decorated for Dia de los Muertos

Gas Lamp District (a million restaurants and bars all in one place)

What the kids did while we were gone (bless Greg and Tracy)