Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bear Lake!

The whole Spjute family actually got together for a few days.  I mean the whole family.  Including 10 day old Henry and his tired mamma.  It was a Christmas miracle for sure.  We had great fun eating good food (of course), visiting ice caves (most of us), holding babies, and talking a lot while doing those things.  With mouths full of food of course.  Some family friends let us use their beach and water toys, which was especially awesome because there aren't any beaches this year because the water's so high.  So we got to drive past all of the poor souls on their 20 feet of beach and laugh....or at least be glad it wasn't us.  The Jorgensons got to try paddle boarding and kayaking for the first time (on a lake that is).  We loved it!  Paddle boarding is harder than people make it look, but fun.  Sage loved getting in her own kayak and paddling all over the place.  She's a water girl for sure.  A bunch of people went to the ice caves in Paris (Idaho that is).  Some of us tried to go to the caves, ended up at the wrong place, and went to get a shake instead.  The shakes lived up to their reputation by the way.  We tried three different places and decided Zipz was the best.  Yum.

We went to the Raspberry Days parade.  Officially the best parade ever.  In addition to throwing out tons of candy, they also threw out mini shakes and I scored chips and salsa.  Doesn't get better than that.  We had a camp fire one night, and every night we got to learn about ancestors.  Grandpa told ghost stories, but kids are tough these days.  They were not phased by them.  Or maybe Dad is getting old.  Probably a little of both;)  Jake and Greg and I went mountain biking one morning.  Greg wouldn't let me take any pictures.  I'm glad I have one sibling who will mountain bike with me.  It was a fun trail.

I loved being together with everyone.  We all had to work hard to get there (some more than others), which meant there was some stress while there.  But I think we handled it, ate chocolate cake, and had a good time anyways.  Its good to know that we can enjoy being together even when things are hard.  I'm sure that next time we get together no one will be stressed and it will be one big party (right).  I love being around my little nieces and nephews.  Its so fun to play with them, but I have to admit it's pretty great having older kids and not having to worry about things like naps, diapers, melt downs, etc, etc.  I'm getting old, but at least there are some good things that come with old age:)

Cute Sofi

Megan and Kate

The hot tub was definitely put to good use

First round of shakes

Parachute fun

Grandpa wearing weird pirate goggles found on the bottom of the lake

Our own private beach

Relaxing on the patio

Cool animals in the parade

The kids swam in the pool.  A lot

The whole family!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Uinta Camping!

We went on one last camping trip of the summer to the Uintas.  I LOVE the Uintas.  It's sooo beautiful up there.  This year the wildflowers have been amazing.  I love all the pretty lakes and the cooler temperatures.  This year it was only 56 degrees one afternoon!

We camped at Moosehorn Campground.  We were right by a little lake and really close to Mirror Lake as well.  Everyone got to do lots of fishing, and the kids are trying to figure out fly fishing.  Definitely more challenging.  We got the dutch oven out one night and made cobbler.  For some reason it's been a really long time since we did this.  Sage didn't even know what cobbler was.  But it was a hit!  We gobbled the whole thing up in seconds.  Delicious!

It was another great camping trip.  I've really loved our little camping trips this summer.  I think they've definitely been successful and hopefully we'll continue them in the future!

That small dot in the water is Jake fly fishing in his float tube

Beautiful wildflowers

A lot of the hikes have fun bridges to walk on

Dutch oven cobbler!

Friday, August 4, 2017

July Happenings

Oh my word.  We're already in August and I pretty much posted nothing in July.  How is summer so busy?!  So, so busy.  I feel like we're just running from one fun thing to the next and before we know it, its over.  Craziness.  So a quick recap on July.

July marks the beginning of birthday season in our family.  Jake and Zack both had birthdays in July.  Zack is 13 and officially a teenager.  Holy moly!  As far as teenagers go, I think he's a pretty good one.  He works hard, hard, hard.  We give him way too many chores, and for the most part he rises to the occasion.  He's also way smarter than anyone I know.  I mostly don't understand anything he says these days.  He loves to put things together and figure out how to do things.  He's still really good at origami as well.  For a while now all he's asked for is a 3D printer.  He researched and found one that didn't cost too much, so that's what he got for his birthday.  There's been a lot of printing going on around here.

Jake is so hard for birthdays.  He'll rarely ask for anything and won't even tell me any dinner ideas or anything.  He sees no purpose in birthday celebrations I guess.  I did manage to get him something he liked this year and I think I even made him food he enjoyed.  This is harder since he's lost lots of weight and won't eat just anything.  Jake and Zack have a tradition of going to Kneaders for all you can eat french toast for their birthdays.  Best day ever for Zack.  Anyway, we sure love Jake around here.  He's such a good dad  and is good at getting through to the kids when I lose my cool.  He's the child whisperer for our kids.  And of course he slaves away at a difficult job.  Works harder than most people I know.  What a good man we have.

We finally got a garden in this year and its been growing growing growing.  It's all starting to ripen and now I have to figure out how to use it.  This is delicious, but also difficult because its way more than we can eat.  Jake has all kinds of canning ideas in mind.  I love eating food that I've canned, but it sure is a lot of work!  Jake assures me that he'll help.  We shall see....

We went to cousin Season's for the 24th of July, but didn't have the day we planned on.  Shortly after we got there Kate somehow gashed her knee open on the slip n slide.  Poor girl.  She ended up spending the whole afternoon getting stitches and hardly even saw her cousins.  Boo!  Good thing it wasn't a serious injury, but it definitely wasn't how we planned on spending the day.

We ended the month in small town fashion.  There's a canal in Heber people float down and I've wanted to do it for years.  My friend finally figured out where to go, so we made plans to do it.  She told me she bought some kids floaty tubes, so I bought the same and figured we were good to go.  My kids kept asking if I was sure the tubes would work because they seemed really small.  I assured them we were good to go.  When we got to the canal we realized the tubes were indeed on the small side.  Like really small.  But of course this didn't stop us (me).  Zack and I used two tubes and had to lay on our stomachs with our legs dragging behind us so we didn't sink.  Even Sage couldn't sit on the tube without it sinking, so she was also on her stomach.  Zack didn't want to go in the first place, so by the end he was really mad.  He ended up losing one of his tubes halfway through and walked the rest of the way.  He said it was "torturous" with no hint of a smile.  Sage was a good sport, but the water was really cold.  She started shivering and said she was "getting hypothermia."  Then she "bit her tongue because she was shivering so hard."  She finally climbed out and walked on the ground a little before the end because she couldn't take it anymore.  It was soooo funny.  My friend and I were dying.  I so wish I could have taken pictures.  Needless to say my kids can't wait to do it again! (or not).

We topped off the canal floating by going to the demolition derby.  It was my first, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was awesome!  We really had a great time.  Jake even played musical chairs in between one of the rounds in front of everyone.  I was proud of him.  It was such a fun night!  I love living in a small town!

Kid derby.  So cute!


Kate and Sage came with me to help make bratzlis for Swiss Days.  Swiss Days prep is in full swing here.

Farmington Festival Days parade!!

Jake went hiking with Zack's scout troop

Zack's birthday.  He specifically requested those drinks


Grandma Great came up from Boise to visit!  It was so great to see her!

Jake's birthday mountain bike ride

Love this man!

Lemonade stand