Sunday, July 8, 2018

St George In The Summer!

I've never in my life been in St George in the summer months.  I love St George, but I've always avoided going there in the summer.  Until now.  Jake's extended family planned a get-together there, so we left the 80 degrees at our house for the 100 degrees of St George.  Despite the heat, we had a great time.  We had great fun visiting with family again, and the kids enjoyed getting to know their cousins better!

We packed a lot into two quick days.  The girls swam for hours and hours, and would have swam more if we had time.  They loved it.  Jake, Zack and I went on a mountain bike ride early Saturday morning to beat the heat.  Jake's cousin and uncle came with us and it was a really fun ride.  Beautiful scenery and not even too hot!  It was a more technical ride than I like, but not too bad.  I even managed to hurl myself off a two-foot drop off without killing myself.  I'm so hard core.  We also went on a night hike, which was an adventure.  I haven't done that for a long time.  We went up to Snow Canyon and ended up hiking like 5 miles, even though we had only planned on hiking like 2.  Why is it that everything I do with Jake ends up being longer and harder than what he says it will be??

We went to Zions and hiked a couple of miles into the narrows.  I haven't hiked in there for years and it was really fun.  So beautiful, and fun to hike in the water when it's so hot outside.  We had to turn around before everyone so we could head home, but we had great fun.  We definitely need to do it again when we can hike further! 

See, we packed a lot in for the weekend!  Phew!!

We went to the Black Bear Diner for dinner.  Sage loved her sugar (dinner)

Zack attempting to eat his HUGE hamburger.  He was in heaven.

Zack loves it when I hug him


Mountain biking dudes

The Narrows!

So pretty!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


We finally went camping this summer.  We don't have a trailer anymore, so it's not so easy to just throw things together and go.  I admit that I'm a little bitter at the loss of Tiny.  It's so much more work to get everything together for tent camping.  And when you get there it's so much more work to set everything up, and take everything down.  And then there's the fun of sleeping in a tent.  So not fun.  Nothing like sleeping in a row with your entire family.  I was really hoping that everyone would miss Tiny so much that we would unitedly decide we must get another trailer.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  It looks like I'm stuck with a tent.  Which means my family is stuck with two day camping trips - I won't do one day because it's way too much work for one day, and I won't do more than two days because I'm not sleeping in a tent for that long.  So there.

Anyhow, back to our actual camping trip.  We went up to the Uintas.  I love, love, love the Uintas.  So beautiful.  We camped at Butterfly Lake Campground, our first time camping there.  Our site was pretty awesome because it had this hill right behind it with big rocks that were perfect for the kids to climb on.  They loved it.  We fished, hiked, roasted s'mores, and every thing else that happens when camping.  On Friday we went adventuring.  We took off in the truck and just drove to random places we'd never been.  We ended up in some remote areas.  And we got to see the great dragon fly migration (I've never seen so many dragon flies.  It was pretty cool). 

Our campground without Tiny:(

An awkward picture of Jake getting ready to fish

The lake in right by our campground

The view from behind our campground

Climbing on the awesome rocks

My favorite thing to do while camping

Lunch break in the truck

It's so pretty in the Uintas!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

May Madness!!

So much has happened I don't even know where to start.  In May I need to do a post every week so I don't forget everything.  Sage had her end of the year dance competition and recital, which may be her last because she says she wants to do tumbling instead.  Crazy!  Anyway, she is definitely sassy when she dances.  I have no idea where she gets it from because neither Jake nor I could do anything like that.  She sure is fun to watch though.  The kids all had end of the year projects, field trips, and every other possible activity.  Zack is done with middle school and preparing to enter high school.  Terrifying.  Kate still has 2 more years of middle school, which is more terrifying to me than high school.  Middle school is horrible.  Modern day torture for sure.  Thank heavens that Sage still has a couple of years left of elementary school.  Bless her. 

Let's see, we also experienced the 10 year anniversary of Linz being gone, and of course Mom's birthday and Mother's Day all together.  It's like getting slapped in the face over and over.  I try to smile and enjoy the slap.  That's what I'm supposed to do, right?  This year we all got together and hiked and dipped dogs while listening to the endless playlists Linz put together.  Not sure how she had time to do that, but I'm glad she did because the music made the day perfect.

We also got two new goats!  They're so great!  Super friendly, and super cute.  Quite the change from Rudy.  It's a mom and baby, Emma and Ruby.  They're nubian goats, and yes we could have goat milk if we wanted.  Which I don't.  And I'm hoping Jake forgets he does.  They're hilarious.  Anytime someone walks outside they start making noise and get mad if you don't come say hi.  Love it!

And not to be forgotten, we finished our theater!!  Hooray!!  After like 9 months of working on it off and on it's finally done.  And it's pretty awesome.  We broke the theater in with "Black Panther."  Pretty good one I think.  The kids have pretty much taken it over, which is exactly what we wanted.  It was a lot of work, but we love it.  Movie night at the Jorgensons!

May was the month of sickness at our house.  Ridiculous.  We really hardly got sick at all this winter, but we more than made up for that in the spring.  We all got horrible stomach flu, then Zack got pneumonia, then Jake got pneumonia, then Kate got strep, then Kate was super sick from her antibiotics, plus all of the sniffing and sneezing from allergies.  Holy cow we were a mess!  And Jake is still sick.  I think he might be sick until he some day retires.  Owning your own business is not for the faint of heart.  And just so you know, I practically beg him to take off and do his own thing.  For reals begging, and nothing.  No trips for Jake.  I hope one day he just leaves for like the whole summer to make up for a lifetime of work.  That is all.  Enjoy the pictures:)

Getting ready for our Linz hike

Dog dippin'

Love my nieces! (oh yeah, and my sister)

My girls - the boys couldn't come to this event

I love Sage's excitement for all events.  She makes them so fun.  This is the shirt she made for Mother's Day

Zack getting a treatment for his pneumonia

Zack drew this.  One first place at the school art contest!  I had no idea he had skills like that.

Kate being a surgeon for her wax museum.  She was super excited.

Sage's field trip to watch birds.

Emma and Ruby!!

Dancer Sage

Group dance picture

This is what Zack wore to dinner and the recital.  After I made him change once before.  In case you can't tell his clothes are filthy.  I had to make him shower, and then he put his work clothes back on.  Teenage boys are so gross!!

Amazing grandparents who braved the dance recital

Sage showing me her sassy faces