Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Happenings

February is gone and we are on to March!  Which means spring is that much closer.  Hooray!  This month flew by, and I think we quite enjoyed it.  Valentines Day was good fun.  We (mostly I) left special valentines for each other in our lovely heart mailbox.  I even managed to make sugar cookies for the kids to decorate.  They love it, but I can only bring myself to do it once or twice a year.  I'm such a good mom;)

Sage was busy playing basketball this month.  She had great fun and we loved watching her.  Those girls are hilarious.  They dribble about once every 10 steps and take a few minutes to set up their shot.  She definitely learned a lot though.

We've of course been skiing a lot.  The snow has not let us down this year.  Its about time.  Its also about time for the snow to start melting for spring.  I'm ready...

The most exciting thing to happen this month though is that we got a goat!!  Yep, you heard me right, a real live goat.  Our neighbors of the last 10 years decided to sell their goat.  Well, this goat is part of the family.  We've lived by it for as long as we've been in Midway, so we couldn't let it go.  We'd talked about getting one anyway to keep our pasture grass short, so now we have one a little sooner than planned.  Yes, we're farmers.  We'll be adding chickens to the farm in a couple of months.  My dad said we should call the goat Rudy, and it stuck.  So Rudy is now the mascot of the neighborhood.  Everyone who comes over wants to see it.  Gotta love farm life;)

Decorating valentines cookies

Sage's basketball team

Red faced Sage after a game


A picture of Linz with Kate thrown in since it was her birthday:)

Jake and I snuck away to ski without the kids

Friday, February 10, 2017

Colorado 2!

We went to Colorado to ski for our second time, and it didn't disappoint.  We had as much fun as last year, maybe even more.  A definite success.  We started out the trip with super fries at a mexican restaurant in Craig.  We may or may not have added time to the drive just to enjoy these fries.  They're delicious and super good for you;)

Our time in Colorado was spent skiing and swimming.  We skied more than we ever have.  We were on the slopes by 9:30 every day and didn't finish skiing until the resort was closing.  Success I think!  Beaver Creek and Vail are pretty luxury.  I didn't have to lift Sage onto the ski lift once because they always have someone do it for you.  So nice!  Vail is so huge that we saw maybe half of the resort, probably not even that much.  I got stuck on a tough run with the girls.  Think moguls, super steep, with a ravine on one side.  We made it down but it took a while.  Jake and Zack watched from the bottom.  We happened to be on that run during the one sunny part of the trip.  We were dying of heat and started ripping off anything we could.  Sage even took her helmet off, put snow in it, and put it back on.  It was awesome.

We spent most of our time skiing at Beaver Creek.  Its such a great resort for families.  They have a fun run for kids where you ski through covered wagons and tipis.  Every afternoon at 3:00 they have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at the base.  And we got to participate in the coolest thing ever - the glow worm.  After the resort is closed and its dark they give each person a cool foam glow stick thing and take you up the gondola to the bunny hill.  Everyone gets in a line and does big turns down the mountain.  They do it every week so people are watching and cheering for you the whole time.  Then when everyone is down they do fireworks.  It was such a fun, unique experience.  I'm sure I enjoyed it as much as the kids.

The hotel we stayed at was as awesome as we remembered.  Every evening they do a little kids club activity.  Sage always made sure we went to that.  A couple of nights they supply everything you need to make s'mores.  And the outdoor pool and hot tubs are amazing.  I couldn't handle the coldness of the pool this year (its heated but not nearly enough as far as I'm concerned) but the kids loved it.  Somehow after skiing all day they still had the energy to swim.

Anyway, it was such a great trip that I hope continues for the foreseeable future.  Hooray for Colorado!!

Super fries!!

So beautiful!

Ready to ski!

Ninja Sage!

Ready to head back out

Cookies at the bottom

Delicious food

Ready to go!

Glow Worm!

Messy with s'mores

The most awesome candy cabin ever at the top of the mountain.  The kids were in heaven

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

St George and January Fun!

I figured I better talk about January now or before I know it we'll be in the middle of February.  January has been a super busy month, which means it should be flying by.  But somehow I keep thinking, "I can't believe its still January."  I think its because of the snow and lack of sun.  We've gotten so much snow this month.  Like more than we have in years.  We've had some big storms, but mostly it just seems like it snows every day.  Poor Jake is so sick of plowing and moving snow, but since its still January he's probably got a lot of that left.  The good part of the snow is the skiing, and I've definitely been trying to enjoy that.  I've had some amazing powder days where the snow is over my knees.  Too bad I can't figure out how to ski in it.  Either way its been pretty amazing.  The kids have made snowmen and are trying to build a big tunnel.  Good fun all around.

Sage begged to play basketball this year.  Since it was only a month long I decided we could squeeze it in.  If you ever want a good time I suggest you go watch little girls play basketball.  So entertaining and so stinkin' cute.  There are usually a total of like 4 baskets made per game.  It's awesome.

Greg and Tracy were super nice and let us tag along with them to St George.  It was so nice to get away from the snow and cold!  They were extra nice because we brought all kinds of germs with us.  Zack started out sick.  Then Kate started puking, and Sage coughed the whole time.  Yes, we were THAT family that got everyone else sick.  Despite that we had a great time.  Jake and I were able to go mountain biking.  Again, so nice to not be in the snow.  We did some hiking and even found some fun caves to explore.  Minus the sickness a great time was had by all!

We got to go visit baby Savannah.  So cute!

First basketball practice

Fun with cousins in St George

Gotta love that red rock

Zack loves to climb up anything

Zack won student of the week!

We came home one night to this note from Sage

So much snow

Zack experiencing his first powder

Ski day!

Piles of snow by our house

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The First Annual New Years Adventure!!

I have to admit that New Years Eve is generally not huge at our house.  I've never loved it or done anything big for it.  But this year that all changed.  I decided we were going to take advantage of the Eve Celebration that happens in Salt Lake and have some fun.  I pretty much planned it all and told Jake what was happening.  He wasn't sure what he thought of the idea, but he was a good sport and went along with it.

So on the 30th we headed to Salt Lake and checked in to the Marriott at City Creek.  Then we proceeded to have lots of fun with our passes.  We went to the planetarium and watched a movie about black holes on the dome.  Super cool looking, but Zack was the only one who understood anything.  I learned that the phrase "space time continuum" is a real thing and not science fiction.  Although I still can't explain to you what it means.  Ask Zack is you have a free hour.

For dinner we went to Crown Burger.  Zack already knew it was his favorite place on earth, but the girls were skeptical.  Needless to say, they're now huge fans.  I think there's something in the Spjute genes that makes you a Crown Burger fan for life.  After dinner we headed to the Salt Palace where they had all kinds of fun games set up for families.  I thought it would be packed, but there was hardly anyone there.  Good thing because the girls talked me in to doing karaoke for my first, and last, time.  It was a disaster and I was grateful it was dark without many people.  We got to play big huge jenga, atari games, life sized bowling, and there was a room full of bounce houses.  It was amazing.  When we got back to the hotel we told the kids we were going swimming.  They were amazed that we would allow them to swim at 9:00 at night.

Saturday morning we woke up and went swimming again.  The kids surely thought the world was ending.  Then we headed to the children's museum.  Sadly, Sage is the only one still young enough to enjoy it there.  Zack and Kate impatiently waited for her to see everything.  Then it was on to the Leonardo Museum, which we all loved.  It had some really great exhibits.  From there we met Grandma Tracy and went to the new aquarium at the Layton Mall.  That was really cool and we got to touch iguanas, starfish, and all kinds of other fish.  Sage got to talk to a mermaid, which made her life complete.

By the time we got to April and Toby's to celebrate the new year everyone was pretty exhausted.  But we rallied to have a great time.  We had pizza and then played all kinds of video games, including an old school power pad from the good old days.  Why don't they make those anymore?  And why didn't I get a picture?  Spjutes really know how to party late into the night (not at all), but when everyone started heading home at 8:30 my kids were so tired that there were no complaints.  We made it home by 10:00 and were in bed shortly after.  Yes, party animals I know.  We did party it up though in Salt Lake.  The kids loved it and are hoping that its our new tradition.  And I think I'm down with that:)

Zack doesn't look happy at all...

playing huge jenga

They really were having fun

Bounce house fun

children's museum

awesome aquarium

Sage's dream come true (how would you like that job?)

Jake and his best buddy Sam

Waiting for the dome movie to start

Horrible karaoke because the girls decided not to sing

Zack getting his first taste of real powder